Sunday, 3 January 2016

Working on a WIP
Today I was cleaning the office, since I could barely move in there since Christmas!!
  I keep all of my quilting books and magazines in there as well as some WIP's (I have run out of space in my sewing room!).
  Any how as I was cleaning up I came across a BOM quilt that I started in 2011 I believe.  It is the Coxcomb Medallion quilt by Susan Garman.  As always I was gung hoo at the beginning and slowly started to fade around month 7 and haven't even touched it in a few years!!

I did finish the center applique and a few of the borders before I started fading and I really love how it looks.
I have decided that this will be one of the many UFO's that I work on this year and I plan to make great efforts to finish it (I am sure my friend Theresa M. will make me stick with it)!!  My plan is to work on the blocks at retreats this year.  I like having small projects all  cut and ready to go and this would be perfect!!  One of the borders is all 6" finished blocks, another is random 3" finished blocks and the final border is Flying Geese....224 to be exact!!
I know many of you have been doing an awesome job completing some of your WIP's and that fantastic!!  Are you keeping track of how many you have completed so far?  Do you start a new project when you finish an older one??
Club starts back up on January the 27th at 7pm.
  See you all there, and don't forget to bring your show and tell and any great quilty Christmas gifts you may have received.
Happy Stitching everyone :)