Monday, 28 December 2015

What is on your list of to do's!

Today is finally a "down" day around my house.  The boys are out working on fixing fences and bedding the cattle (its cold and snowy here).  I am catching up on the housework and of course squeezing in a little sewing time :)
A few months ago I started making a list of my unfinished projects.  The list constantly grows as I come across projects, while looking for fabric for other quilts I am working on!  Yesterday I did get to cross one off my list though...the Swoon Quilt by Thimble Blossoms, I was making this for my great niece for her birthday.  It will be off to be long-armed sometime this week...yay!!  Do you make a list of projects on the go?
Another quilt I am working on is the Bonnie Hunter Winter Mystery for 2015.  I was lucky enough to have all of the fabrics needed for this quilt except for the grey.  Not to bad eh!!  I have fallen a little behind on it, but I am determined to catch up.  When I work on projects like this I have a tendency to move ahead before I am finished the first step, and so on!  Eventually all steps do get completed though :)

Time to go back and turn on a little music in the sewing room and start pressing and dancing...its like a mini workout while quilting...really, you should try it!
Wishing you all a wonderful New Year,
the Gals at Nimble Thimbles

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Wind Up Party

On Tuesday we had our Wind Up Party.  It was fairly quiet, just a small crowd of 20ish, but there was enough food to feed at least a hundred!!  We played a few games, did some show and tell than ate and visited with one another.  we had a tiny little visitor grace us with his presence as well.  One of our members brought in her 3 week old baby boy, Nolan.  He got lots of snuggles and cuddles while mom and dad sat down and had a chance to eat. 
Over the summer Michelle is going to run a couple of Quilt-A-longs on our Facebook page.  Make sure you pop by often and check them out.  I am hoping to post them here as well for those of you that don't have Facebook.
We have 2 new BOM's starting up in the fall, one is a Jacobs Ladder Quilt and the other is an Orange Peel.  They both start up in October and run for 8 months and cost $15/month each. 
We will be running a Mini Club as well, and it started this month.  You can join in anytime you like.  There is a book to purchase for $33 and the cost for the fabric kits is $25/month every alternate month.  This is a great club with some fantastic mini quilts!  Our first quilt was the Vintage Bowtie.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

We're Baaack...

After a loooong stretch of nothingness we are back!  It has been so long since I posted here that I actually forgot the password and username!  Can you imagine!
Anyhow I have it all figured out now and the plan is to post on a regular basis to keep you all up to date with club stuff :)
Last night we had our second last meeting of the season and it was fabulous!  There was a great turnout, with tons of awesome show and tell.  We capped off the night with a talk and short demo by the Bag Ladies (Trish and Michelle).  Man do those two have bags!!  They did a wonderful job of showing us that bag making isn't as difficult as it looks.  Grab a couple spare quilt blocks you have laying around, add a border or two, make and add handles, quilt to batting, sew sides together and add lining (don't forget the turning hole!), turn inside out and VOILA, you have a bag!!  Really its just that simple :)
Just a reminder that our June Meeting Date has changed to the 17th of June so mark your calendars.  We are going to have a potluck, same as previous years.  We will supply the meat and buns, and if everyone could bring something else that would be great.  See you all on the 17th.
Happy Stitching